Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Robosapien V2 To See, Hear and Speak

Robosapien V2 due out this fall promises groundbreaking features. According to Mark Tilden, inventor of Beam Robotics and the Robosapien line, "V2 has its own personality, and every now and again he will just get up and start walking around by himself."

It can visually identify object such as cups or balls, pick them up and return them to their controller.

At 60cm, 25cm greater than its predecessor, and with twice as many motors, Robosapien V2 is quite an advance.

The original Robosapien has found quite a following in the hobbyist community. The advanced features of the next incarnation are likely to make it even more appealing.

Note: Prices listed in the article are in Hong Kong Dollars. US prices are likely to be about a tenth of what was mentioned; most likely around $200.